Naturopathic Doctor | Holistic Counseling Testimonials

Are you a Naturopathic doctor or a health-care practitioner? Are you seeking to deepen your practice and receive healing for yourself in the process? Read what these other Naturopathic doctors have to say about Holistic Counseling the course.


Kelsey Meyers, Naturopathic Doctor 

I had been feeling the call to do deeper work with patients and the internal ache that something was missing in my practice for quite some time. I had noticed that patients who were coming to me had been dealing with the same issue for years, had seen multiple integrative doctors, had improved but symptoms and patterns continued to resurface. I noticed this in my own health as well. When I found Dr. Moshe’s program I felt so excited because I knew the deep work of holistic counseling was the piece that was missing. 

This program has forever changed the way I think about health and healing. Dr. Moshe’s teaching style is heartfelt, entertaining and engaging. I recommend anyone who feels the pull of curiosity to take this course. Thank you Dr. Moshe for sharing your wisdom and love; I feel blessed to have the the opportunity to learn from you, my cohort and all my future patients with the Vis Dialogue.”


Mugdha Kotasthane, Di Hom and Certified Vis Dialogue Practitioner

“Dear Dr. Moshe,


Somehow in the process of learning I don't thank you enough. Time and time again I feel so grateful to you for teaching this technique.


Every mentoring session has brought in new depths of understanding of the Vis Dialogue and I feel more and more comfortable with being myself in the dialogue. I am truly being able to help the patients in so many ways. Thank YOU for this joy!”


Lisa Roche, Health and Life Coach and Certified Vis Dialogue Practitioner

“I have to tell you I just did a dialogue on a client that was beyond the moon golden. It was textbook and the whole thing was just mind blowing. It worked perfectly and stayed right at an hour and 15 minutes. She was speechless and in a state of utter AHA. Semi-tearful and silent and in that holy shit ‘magic space’. And it all began with a teeny little trigger about her husband not folding the laundry. Go figure.  That access point literally took us to Rome. Very exciting and thrilling to see the healing power at work up close. And these words don’t describe what took place of course but you get it 😉


Thank you for teaching us how to do this!”

Naturopathic doctor holistic counseling training review

Emma Andre, Naturopathic Doctor

“This has been the most impactful, life-changing, and directly usable course on healing that I have ever taken. I have been searching for a mind-body medicine technique that works on the deepest layers, and this is it. I cannot recommend this course enough for someone looking to do true holistic medicine. This ground-breaking technique has revolutionized how I practice, and I believe that it will revolutionize how we think about healing at the core. The retreat for the second course was an unforgettable experience. All that I learned is going to shape my ability to care for my patients in a way that I always wanted to but never knew how. If you’re hesitating at all, just dive in and sign up. You won’t regret it.”

Naturopathic doctor review of holistic counseling

Derek Andre, Naturopathic Doctor 

“THIS is the medicine that I’ve been looking for!! I can’t even express how amazing it feels to help people uncover the deep-seated mental/emotional/spiritual root causes of their chief complaints. It is such a treat to watch people shift before my eyes. This is the reason I chose to become a healer and I am SO grateful to Dr. Moshe and Holistic Counseling for helping me find my path and providing me with a framework to start from! I highly recommend these trainings to integrate mind-body medicine into your practice. Part 2 was hands-down my favorite educational, experiential learning retreat that I have ever attended!”

Naturopathic doctor testimonial of Holistic Counseling

Erin Moore, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Vis Dialogue Practitioner

“I've taken part 1 twice and part 2 twice, and plan to learn from him every opportunity I can get! Dr. Moshe's work is revolutionary, the most powerful healing I've ever experienced or shared with my patients.  I'm so grateful for the tools I've learned and cannot recommend a teacher or a course more than Dr. Moshe Daniel Block and Holistic Counseling.”


Maeshowe Pierce, Naturopathic Doctor 

“Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening program. I signed up for your it on a whim and it was exactly what I was looking for. It really brings my practice but also my life journey together.


Leslie Cisar, Naturopathic Doctor 

“I took the course this weekend and I just did my first Vis Dialogue - unbelievable!! The client literally spoke the connected thread out loud and then gasped when she realized the connection. She described feeling the vital energy of her body returning and flowing through her - she felt the grip of fear that was preventing that flow fall off - it was spectacular! Thank you so much Dr. Moshe Daniel Block - I'm so grateful you have dedicated yourself to teaching this.”

Naturopathic doctor review of mind-body medicine

Sarah Ghekiere, Naturopathic Doctor

“The most incredible course I’ve ever taken! During my time in naturopathic medical school I became very distraught in the way that the mind-body aspect was being overlooked a majority of the time. Dr. Moshe made the connections I had been longing for in his course. He teaches a revolutionary technique to address the true root cause. I will be forever grateful to have had the chance to learn the holistic model, and from such an amazing person! Thank you, Dr. Moshe!”

holistic counseling training review

Lara Thompson, Naturopathic Doctor

“Holistic Counseling helped me as a person and practitioner. It should replace the counseling curriculum in the ND schools as it truly is integrated with the core philosophies of the medicine and addressing the root cause. In the few weeks since taking the course, I’ve seen incredible shifts in myself and dialogue with patients. A gem.”

Holistic Counselling Review

Vanessa Ruis, RN, BSN, Naturopathic Doctor 

"Holistic Counseling has been incredibly helpful for me on a personal and professional level. I felt a shift in energy and also physically. My body seemed to "remember" its natural alignment. What was incredibly fulfilling for me was that my healing was almost obvious, and the answer was so accessible if I wasn't in my own way."


Julie Verfurth, Naturopathic Doctor 

This course fits beautifully into where I’ve been wanting to go in my practice: addressing the deeper obstacles to healing that reside in the mental/emotional sphere. My patients are making connections that they’ve never made before. It's exciting to witness clients becoming empowered and making new choices about themselves and their health. Also I find that practicing in this way is very complementary to the work that most other doctors are doing, which makes for collaborative and effective patient care.