You've Taken Parts of the Holistic Counseling Program and now Want to Complete Your Training for Certification

How the HC Certification Full Program Now Works:

The Holistic Counseling Certification Program is now a 4-step process designed to get you ready to take the hardest cases into deep resolution and long term healing, and to heal yourself while you’re at it. In order to get Certified, you need to have done all 4 steps.

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Dive in, begin your own healing  and gain skills to implement right away in practice.

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Our in-between online course serves to deepen & prepare for Step 3.

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Advance your skills and deepen your healing in the Vis Dialogue.

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One on one mentoring about your Vis Dialogue skills prepares you to take your first steps into the world of true mind-body holism, so you don't have to face that challenging world alone. Private Vis Dialogue and homeopathy sessions with Dr. Moshe help release any health challenges and blocks to your life and practice dreams.


Need to do these steps to complete certification? (minimum requirement - Part 1 Foundations course completed)

  • I've taken Part 1 Foundations Course...............
  • I've completed Part 1 and Part 2.....................

Pricing to Complete the Program





$4990                   ENROLL NOW

$4790                   ENROLL NOW



Certification Program Registration

This transformational and life changing certification program is for all types of healthcare practitioners, counselors, and students of the healing arts.






What you get with your registration fee:

- 1 x 18 hour course (18 CEs for 2021 for NDs)

- 1 x 20 hour course (20 CEs for 2022 for NDs) (Upon completion of the courses, professional practitioners can receive materials necessary to be submitted to their credentialing board for approval of CEs)

- 1 x In-between course with full case videos, quizzes, and more info (more than 40 hours worth of material).

- 18 hours of one on one mentoring and private sessions with expert practitioners, includes deep healing work and homeopathy. 6 appointments for self-healing (begins after Part 1), and 6 appointments for improving your HC game (begins after Part 3). Additional fees apply (at $180 / hour) for exceeding 1.5 hours /appointment. Mentoring and Private 1 on 1 cases are considered fulfilled after the 10 month Program and after Certification and do not carry over past this time. The appointments run between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The length of each appointment is at the discretion of the mentor.  

- 1 years access to the FAM area (Full Access Membership) - Includes forums, discussion groups, and LIVE cases.

- Certification with listing on our website, a referral program and job opportunities for certified practitioners







Valued at $10,950.00

**$540 OFF discount available for professionals for paying in FULL (final price is $5450). Students get this discount automatically and without having to pay in full.

*** Payment options available at $450 / month after deposit (or tailored to your needs).

**** Earn $200 for referring a friend or colleague. Just tell them to submit your full name when registering or use your Ambassador code.

***** If you have already begun but not completed your certification, or if you wish to retake any portion of the program for a reduced price,  see our a la carte pricing here.

****** If you are not interested in Holistic Counseling after fully completing the Foundations Course, we will refund your money (minus the cost of the Foundations course ($500) + $100 admin fee).

*******6 personal and 6 professional mentoring appointments are available during the 10 month Certification program only.

****** If additional mentorship is needed following the 6 months, or if a practitioner simply wishes to continue with mentorship even following Certification, consultations will be set up at $180 USD / hour.

Dr. Moshe reserves the right to not Certify a program participant after 6 months of mentorship if they are not ready. At this time, it is the choice of the participant if they wish to continue with mentorship to become ready for Certification. (ie. We're not going to force you but Dr. Moshe is dedicated to preparing you to be ready for certification). The additional mentoring sessions will be billed at an additional hourly rate. 

A Note from Dr. Moshe.

This Program is a 'Full' program for many reasons. It's full of growth, learning, and inner healing for the practitioner. One cannot simply study the technique and expect to excel. It is crucial that a practitioner is willing to transform and work on their own issues. During the program, we see time and time again practitioners hitting a wall of their own personal issues when working with their patients. If you wish to be a great practitioner in Holistic Counseling, you must be prepared for a life-changing process in your own growth.


Retake any of these parts? Get extra mentoring? ** 1/2 price for retaking

  • FOUNDATIONS COURSE Take Again (Part 1).............
  • ADVANCED COURSE Take Again (Part 3)....................
  • EXTRA MENTORSHIP A La Carte (Part 4)...................

A La Carte Pricing




$249                    ENROLL NOW

$375                    ENROLL NOW via contact form

$180 / hr             BOOK with Dr. Moshe



Take the courses you've taken again during the Full Program

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I've Taken Part 3 (The Advanced Course) and want to jump in again (for free) in February 2022

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